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Description: Follow-up to YA Urban Fantasy novel The Nameless Prince, The Royal Trinity picks up with Seth and Elena as they face the challenges of high school. A reminder from Seth’s past forces him to leave gang-ravaged Silver Lake and the cold comfort of adolescence, and return to the magical realm of his childhood. By saving Interia from peril Seth rescues his own heart, and in the process wins Elena’s heart as well.
Book jacket blurb: It’s been five years since Seth rescued Elena—since he was the only one who could navigate all those abandoned metro tunnels and sewer systems and bring her back. They’re sophomores in high school now, but Elena’s stuffed away the trauma of her ordeal. She’s dating Ruben, new leader of the Mayans, the very gang who abducted her for ransom. Seth hasn’t forgotten the little girl he knew, imagines one day they’ll be together. But he knows you can’t save others from their demons. Under the guise of focusing on his studies, Seth’s forgotten the magic of his own childhood. But one moonlit night, dragonfly Fidel appears on Seth’s windowsill, telling him Constantine’s in trouble. Seth’s taken back in time; Constantine, the Boatman was once his only friend. He, along with the Staff of Good Faith, guided Seth through the labyrinth to find Elena. What’s more, Uncle Troy reminds Seth of his lost twin deep in Interia. If he and his kingdom (quite possibly just a homeless colony) aren’t convinced to come out into the light, they’ll be trapped forever when the Modernization Project reroutes the freeway. ‘We’re talkin’ dynamite, Seth.’ Uncle Troy warns. Seth’s left to decide whether the fanciful realm he imagined as a child was simply an escape, or represents a very real world in need of rescue. More importantly, he must decide whether he should protect his heart, or get involved and venture into a world he’s not even sure exists. Only in Interia will Seth learn it’s by saving others that we save ourselves…
About Dominick Domingo
Before graduating with distinction from Art Center College of Design, Dominick R. Domingo  interned at Disney Feature Animation, training in all aspects of the animation process. After graduating, he spent ten years with Disney Feature as a concept artist and background painter, in both Los Angeles and Paris.
His Disney credits include Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Little Match Girl, and One by One. He also maintained a roster of independent clients including ORION Pictures, Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, the Pacific Design Center, Comedy Central, and Wizards of the Coast. In the nineties Dominick illustrated a number of Books for Young Readers for Harcourt, Putnam, Penguin, Random House and Lowell House.
Dominick has taught at Art Center for over fifteen years, the first to offer Entertainment electives within the Illustration program.