CTN Bootcamp: Career Days 2018
Critiques - Networking - Presentations
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Join CTN once a month to get your career check up. Come once or sign up for the 8 pack that includes a free ticket to the expo and be first in line to get your portfolio critiqued or be reviewed by a studio. Designed to promote your skills on an ongoing basis and help drive you toward your goals. There is no failure only feedback.
Career Day Dates: 
Feb 25th 12pm - 4pm
T-Dan Hofstedt Warner Bros Animation Group
Joseph Sanabria Video Game Visual Development
Bob Scott Animator and Story Artist for Disney and Pixar
Adam Nixon VFX creature and character animator
Gary Montalbano Concept Designer Dreamworks Animation
Pat Marconett Disney Background Designer
Tiffanie Mang Loving Vincent Background Painter Animator
Lizzie Nichols Visual Development Sony Pictures
March 25th  12pm - 4pm
April 29th  12pm - 4pm
May 20th 12pm - 4pm
June 24th  12pm - 4pm
July 29th  12pm - 4pm
August 26th  12pm - 4pm
September 30th  12pm - 4pm
October 28th  12pm - 4pm
(10% discount available for students)
12:00PM - 12:45PM Presentation Lecture (Surprise Guests)
1:00PM - 4:00PM Portfolio Critique with the Pros 
Followed by an 'open to the public' complimentary Networking with your Peers
Food and Beverages included.
Open to:
High School Students
College Students 
Recent Graduate
Industry Professionals 
Feedback is the breakfast of the champions.  Sign Up Now and join the community of artists always looking to improve. 
Sessions are geared for the below disciplines:
1. Layout and Prop Design: Layouts are drawn from storyboards which define the action and perspective in the scene. Because storyboard artists draw backgrounds in a rough, simplified style, background layout artists take them to the next level by defining the detail and perspective. Layout drawings are then given to the background painters to color and complete the visual style.
2. Background Painting and Art Direction: Art directors develop design concepts and review material that will appear in digital media, newspapers, advertisements, books, magazines, and more. They control the overall visual direction of a project in industries from advertising and public relations to web design. Art direction requires years of experience, advanced technical skills, and advanced knowledge in the areas of art and management. As such, art director is considered a high level position that offers many financial rewards. Professionals in this specialized field are among the highest paid artists in the art and design world.
3. Viz Dev and Concept Design: About Visual Development Artists and Concept Designers design and develop the look and feel of feature films, animations, videos, and other types of productions. In the animation industry, visual development artists imagine and propose ideas for what the animated world should look like based on the story, characters, and action. Visual development artists also work with character emotions to help assist with the storytelling aspect of the animated production.
4. Story Sketch: Many Storyboard Artists have been Animators or they may still alternate between the two roles. Others come from the layout department. You could also follow a route to this role having graduated from an art course, such as graphics or illustration, having developed an interest in film technique and storytelling.
5. Character Design: A Character Designer is an artist that creates new, original characters (sometimes shortened to “OCs”) for a purpose. It can be a character based on a definition from a story or script as would be the process in Feature Films, TV Series, Video Games, Children’s books, Web animation, Comic books, Comic strips, or even Licensing or Toy Design.
6. Animation: Animators produce images that appear to come to life on screen. Their work is found in feature films, commercials, pop videos, computer games, websites and other media. They may work with drawings, specialist software or models and puppets, capturing separate images of each stage of a movement. When the images are viewed at speed the character appears to move.
7. Production Management: Production management is involved with the planning, coordination of the projects.