Plein Air Painting
Mike Hernandez and Tiffanie Mang
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Join In this 1-day  workshop and gain the advantage of two amazing pros at the same time. 
En plein air is french for outdoors, and basically is the act of painting outdoors. This method contrasts with studio painting or academic rules that might create a predetermined look. French impressionist painters such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir advocated plein air painting, and much of their work was done outdoors in the diffuse light of a large white umbrella. 
Masters Mike Hernandez and Tiffanie Mang will be using the Etchr Lab Art Satchel. The Etchr Lab Art Satchel allows artists to create virtually anywhere, No Chair, No Problem. 
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Mike Hernandez is a fine art plein air, painter and a Visual Development Artist/Production Designer and Art Director at DreamWorks Animation. Some of his past projects include Sinbad, Spirit, Over The Hedge, Shrek 4, Puss In Boots, Bee Movie, Monsters Vs Aliens and Turbo. Mike Hernandez will cover the important fundamentals of composition design, color relationships, staging the light, atmospheric perspective, simplification and shape design through the use of gouache (students are welcome to use acrylic if desired). This is a great workshop for anyone interested in painting and would like to learn how to capture a rich sense of natural lighting and color into their artworks.
Tiffanie Mang graduated from the University of Southern California with a major in Animation and Digital Arts, and currently works as a freelance visual development artist and illustrator. An avid plein air painter, always inspired by the outdoors, Tiffanie loves to find stories everywhere through color and light. She believes that film and interactive media can connect different cultures though great story telling, and she strives to bring those unique stories to life through her paintings. Students will learn how to observe and edit the world around them. The class will focus on simplifying shapes, seeing accurate values and assigning colors to those values, as well as addressing playing warm colors off of cool colors to create a sense of vitality within the picture. Students will learn how to make a better painting by constantly comparing the visual elements: line, shape, value, color, texture and edges. The class will visit one location to study natural subjects. While on location, students will learn the importance of having a clear intention before and during the painting process.