Teen CTN Summer Camp
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Teen CTN Animation and Design Camp Registration has now ended. 

Please email to find out if space is still available for this session or information about our next session.



Animation and Design Camp
Beginning June 2018, middle school, high school and home-schooled artists are invited to explore having a career in animation and design. 
Put your artist child or your creative self at the heart of the animation community with Teen CTN Summer Camp. This summer camp is held in an inspirational gallery/studio environment over the course of 6 weeks and was created for young artists ages 10 and up who are already showing an interest in or who might have a potential for a career in animation. In a conservatory setting and taught from an artist point of view, this camp will total 60 hours and be held twice a week over six weeks. Designed specifically to give young creators the tools and connections they need through presentations, live demonstrations, hands-on experience while rotating around separate work areas combined with problem-solving exercises that are critical to building the creative thinking mind and powerful skill set needed to enter the world of animation.
Led by Jennifer Klein, a Disney animator and producer with 10+ years as a Teaching Artist  for Burbank and Glendale School Districts together with special guest industry professionals will guide students through this amazing program as they experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to join this community and to generate the work necessary to propel them in either their creative careers or college application portfolios.  Followed with a Certificate of Completion and their work being featured in a final live review open house event. 
Having the ability to meet and learn from industry professionals in a privileged mentored approach is at the core of this camp. When this camp is completed the relationships made and the community joined will live on beyond the end date. An artist is an artist for the rest of their life and this community is always there to help.
About Us: Our goal is to design and implement sustainable and growing programs which have a distinctive and direct positive impact on student participation and learning in the fields of animation, comic books, video games, and filmmaking.  An emphasis on high quality and strong curricular relevance and meeting the right people in this industry are key criteria for all program investments. Another key objective is that these programs are scalable to improve both the breadth of content and total student reach over time and live on beyond the program end date. CTN’s core competency in this field is their direct connection with the largest group of key influencers in the animation, visual efx and video game industries. 
Jennifer Cardon Klein started in the industry as an animator at Warner Bros. and went on to work at Dreamworks and Disney on such features as ​Iron Giant, El Dorado,​ and ​The Emperor's New Groove​. She has also worked as a story artist at Disney and Universal. Jennifer has been nominated for three Annie Awards in the category of “Best Short Film”, including one for her Pups of Liberty series. Jennifer is also a teaching artist with Burbank USD.


How to Apply
We ask that all students be reviewed prior to being accepted. We hope you understand and appreciate our efforts in creating a premiere educational experience that is both memorable and enjoyable for everyone as we reserve the right to refuse applications. 


Click the below application form, fill it out and email it to or just give us a call at 818 827 7138.


This Camp will cover the following topics.
Week 1 - Drawing Fundamentals for Animation
❏  Tools and terminology.
❏  Shape Language: How to use Shapes when drawing for animation
❏  Gesture drawing & Sketchbooks. 
❏  Assignment: Sketchbook Drawing
Week 2 - Viz Dev & Character Design 
❏  Overview of VizDev & Character Design, how it impacts the project
❏  Research & Creating Worlds
❏  How Character Design Form follows Function
❏  Drawing on Model
❏  Assignment: Reinvent a character in your style
Week 3 - Storyboarding
❏  Writing/Brainstorming
❏  “Idea Drawings”
❏  Boarding, Composition, & Communication
❏  Pitching
❏  Assignment: Board a Familiar story in a different setting
Week 4 - Art Direction/Layout/BG
❏  Perspective & Composition
❏  Color theory & Art direction
❏  Lighting
❏  Assignment: Making a layout/BG for your character design & putting all in color
Week 5 - Animation 
❏  Basics of movement & timing
❏  Using shape language with characters
❏  Communicating an idea
❏  Bouncing Ball & Flipbooks
❏  Computer Animation, Stop Motion, 2D Animation
Week 6 - Portfolio Showcase and Career Day
❏  Pitching
❏  Review
❏  College
❏  6 Weeks / Twice a Week 
❏  Tuesdays and Thursdays 
❏  June 26 - August 2
❏  9 am - 2 pm 
❏  *30 Minute Meal Period No Lunch Provided 
Special Event
❏ Career Event Friday August 3 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Held in the animation capital of the world 
At CTN’s Center Stage Gallery 
847 Hollywood Way Space 100
Burbank, CA 91505
Unless otherwise noted 
❏  Full Program Fee $950 (60 hours)
❏  Weekly Fee $175 (10 hours)
❏  Students will be supplied with a list of supplies prior to the first class 
Full 6-week Program Fee includes
❏  Discounts on other CTN workshops and events 
❏  Family Pass to the CTN animation eXpo Event for 3.
❏  Studio Tour or Screening (Dependent on studio schedules)
❏  Mock Career Day
❏  By the end of this, you will have work for a portfolio or college 
❏  Certificate of Completion 
❏  Membership with CTN community
❏  Use of CTN Creator Space lab with Hardware and Software 
Not Included 
❏  Meals 
❏  Art Supplies 

Thank you to our partners Mac Hollywood, Wacom, Zbrush, Adobe