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Career Day 2019
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"We gain confidence from taking action, take the first step today the momentum you gain will grow each day until you are unstoppable. Do not fear failure do you think anyone who has achieved great success looks back on their small failures and cries about it? No in fact they are GRATEFUL for their mistakes, because they know that those mistakes are exactly where they grew the most in momentum and knowledge." ~Tom Bilyeu
You know what works better than big, long-term goals? Small, daily, weekly, monthly challenges.
If you do just one thing each day to become a better artist, every single day no matter what, we guarantee you will see that the compounding effect will be immense. Not only that, but unrelenting commitment to daily improvement combined with feedback will open up big huge opportunities you couldn’t have imagined or seized if you were going at them alone. 
This is our one reason for doing a series of career camps challenging you with highly doable feedback monthly over lunch. There is no failure only feedback.
You do the work and I will guarantee you’re going to like the results.
Join the CTN membership once a month to get your career check up. Come once or sign up for the 8 pack that includes a free ticket to the expo and be first in line to get your portfolio critiqued or be reviewed by a studio. Designed to promote your skills on an ongoing basis and help drive you toward your goals. 
Come early from 12pm-1pm and join our 'watch group' for a FREE Master Class video session on a variety of subjects. 1pm-4pm Portfolio Reviews 
Lunch included