Create Your Own Comic Book with Noah Fontana
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It's time to pull out everything you've got in this 4 week course to design your characters, write a story, and build your comic book! Join us Wednesdays as we discover how easy it can be to finish a project and have it ready to pitch to friends and art colleagues alike! This inclusive course will take your ideas to the finish line!

Open to ages 13 - 18 and 19 - 35.

Wednesday, July 17th     12 pm - 3 pm
Wednesday, July 24th     12 pm - 3 pm
Wednesday, July 31st     12 pm - 3 pm
Wednesday, August 7th  12 pm - 3 pm
847 N. Hollywood Way, Suite 100
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 827-7138
NOAH FONTANA is an ex-animator, illustrator, story artist, and character designer for studios such as:
DreamWorks TV, FOX's ADHD, and Netflix. He's since shifted his artistic pursuits to art therapy and the use of art to help simplify and make sense of life for others. This is a driving force for his workshop Branding as it aims to help others find their passions and calling. As well, during this transition from the animation industry, Noah has been teaching comic book making classes for the past 3 years, honing the process to get it to the streamlined place it is today. He currently makes his living art therapy instructing, freelance illustrating, and teaching.