Make a Living with Your Art
Casey Robin
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Join us virtually from anywhere!
Open to Teens, College Students, Recent Grads, and Professionals

Every Other MONDAY

July 6, 2020 - November 9, 2020
Every Other Monday
11 am - 1 pm LA
2pm - 4pm NYC
8pm - 10pm LONDON
(Subject to Change)


Beginning July 6, 2020.  Each live-streamed episode will be a 2-hour demo and discussion about embracing the creativity within you!

We all dream of making a living in art – so why does it seem so daunting? If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to “make it,” you’re in good company. Most industry pros feel that same fear – and keep creating anyway.
Join illustrator and designer Casey Robin as she gives you the tools you need to flourish. With more than a decade of experience in animation and publishing, Casey has learned how to turn a passion for art into a rewarding career. She has played many roles, from VisDev artist to storyboard artist to director. Her clients include Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Publishing Worldwide, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Pinup Girl Clothing. Casey has taught popular workshops at CTN EXpo, The Walt Disney Family Museum, Art Center and more. Now she welcomes you into her studio!
Through a series of intimate discussions and live demos, you will learn how to:
· Elevate your career
· Develop your style
· Build a following
· Beat the fear that’s holding you back
· Discover the depths of your talents
Whether you are still in school, just starting out in the industry, or looking to boost an already established career, this course will give you the insight and encouragement you need to flourish.

These sessions are live events and an opportunity for you to 
meet, mentor with and learn from this very talented woman, Casey Robin, 
who is giving back to the community during these hard times.

Thank you Casey Robin!


CASEY ROBIN is a freelance visual development artist working out of Northern California. She studied art and animation at CalArts, Studio Art Centers International, The Illustration Academy, and more. Casey has worked for Disney, Zondervan, KlickNation, and the Pac-12 Convention.

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