My Top 10 Fails and Hits of CG Freelancing & Business
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My Top 10 Fails and Hits of CG Freelancing & Business
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July 9th, 2020

10 am - 12 pm PDT  (7 pm CET)
(Subject to Change)

1- Knowing Your true value as Creative Service
2- Listening to Your Gut Feelings
3- Don’t let 1 Big Client be the source of most of your income
4- Learning and updating your skills
5- Treating Yourself as your most important client and best friend
6- Proper paperwork and protocol for a job
7- Treating clients as if they are The Most Important Client
8- Honesty, Discipline and Persistence
9- Deliver more than what is expected
10- Word of Mouth as most important marketing strategy


ISIS SOUSA has a background in fine arts and graphic design.  She has worked across multiple industries, such as music, books, traditional games, and recently, indie console games and VR Films.

Isis Sousa | Personal Sketches -
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