Voice Acting Fundamentals
and Secrets - FALL 2020, ONLINE
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An Introductory Workshop
Join us virtually from anywhere!
Open to Teens, Beginners and Novices
6 Week Virtual Intensive Wednesdays
Wednesdays, 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm PDT
September 16 - October 21, 2020
(Subject to Change)
Learn practical and straightforward voiceover techniques from a VO director and actor with over a decade of experience. This class is for teens, beginners, and novices to learn the basics and secrets that you just can't get in a single workshop.
Make two easy payments of $125 each
Learn from 10+ years of professional experience
Over 12 hours of authentic steps and secrets to VO acting for animation and live action.
Take a look at These Testimonials
“Stephen Weese was such an incredibly fun director to work with... I’ve worked with plenty of studios where the experience feels like “just a job.” While working with Stephen, he made sure we were all getting the job done, but kept the booth filled with a lighthearted energy. I remember laughing so hard and having a great time recording! Keeping the recording sessions a positive environment made it easy for me to take chances and create some wacky characters with bold choices - knowing that he would be open to letting me explore some creative ideas with my voice. I hope I get the chance to work with him again on future projects!”
-- Bonnie Gordon, voice actor, Street Fighter games


What Will Be Covered

Week 1:  Voice Anatomy
September 16
Body awareness extends to the whole body, even your feet can affect your voice!  We will learn not only the parts of the body that create the voice, but continual awareness of those parts and how to use them and keep them healthy.
Week 2:  Technical Expertise
September 23
Professional VO scripts have their own secret language and codes that as a voice actor, you are assumed to already know.  Mic technique and other technical aspects are covered.
Week 3:  Building Your Voices Part 1
September 30
Using Steve's signature "3 voice" technique, you will learn to build reliable, consistent voices, and use these as the basis of creating new voices for new parts.
Week 4:  Auditions and Secrets
October 7
The math of auditions.  The mindset of auditions.  The timing of auditions.  Secrets: How to get any edge you can.
Week 5:  Building Voices Part 2
October 14
We will build and learn how to use parts of our body to develop more voices based on your 3 voices.
Week 6:  The "Acting" in Voice Acting, Natural Voices
October 21
Most auditions today say they want a "natural" voice.  What do they really want?  How to act without acting.  Secrets to sounding natural and your best.
RULES:  Please note that it is prohibited to record, photograph, screenshot or distribute talks and demo's of this Online Session on any other platform. Please be respectful to the artist and the other participants in this stream.

NOTE: Please register at least 30 min early, as it takes the system 15-20 minutes to send the registration Zoom link. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you will be accepted into the session on time.

STEPHEN WEESE is a voice actor and director who got his start in Hellsing Ultimate and recently played the leader Dietrich in Shadowverse. He directed the voices for the video game Citizens of Space for SEGA and is the recurring character Chundoon in Blade and Soul. This year he is a voice in the animated film Ella Bella Bingo as Johnny's Dad. He produced the feature film Altered Spirits, which he also stars in. He is a classically trained vocalist and his company, Marvelous Spiral Theater, Inc. produces voice over for animation and video games.