Raise the Bar Recruiting 2021
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Raise the Bar Recruiting is a unique opportunity that bridges the gap between artists and recruiter professionals at various studios. The “recruiters” that come to CTN range from specific recruiters at top studios to executive producers at start-up companies. Each recruiter that participates is interested in either filling active open opportunities at their respective companies or updating their talent databases. This program is a high quality pre-selection process that is designed for artists of all skill levels to be considered for future work throughout the film/vfx/animation/game industry. Recruiters review portfolios online before the show, and select who they would like to reach out to post-CTNX. All applicants will be notified one way or other about their status.

Note: This is a service provided by CTN to help promote connection with employment opportunities and job interviews. CTN does not guarantee employment from this service. Not everyone is selected for an interview. Selections are at the discretion of the recruiter. CTN is not involved in the selection process.

INTRO AND ELIGIBILITY:  CTNX's Raise the Bar Recruiting is open to all artists! This is an opportunity to potentially interview for a job in the film/vfx/animation/game industry.  To participate, either purchase any CTNX 2021 ticket OR a Raise the Bar Recruiting ONLY ticket.  Once you have a ticket, please register as an artist
here, and submit your portfolio.

Companies and Independent Filmmakers that have recruited at CTN in the past:

Bento Box
BlueSky Animation Studios
Cartoon Network
Disney Feature Animation
Disney Television Animation
Dreamworks Animation
Dreamworks TV Animation
Illumination Entertainment
Pixar Animation Studios
Skydance Animation
Sony Pictures Animation
SPA Studios
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Warner Bros Animation Group
CTNX Online
November 17 - 21







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