• Teen CTN Animation and Design Fall Classes

Start Date September 29, 2018 08:00 AM

End Date November 14, 2018 11:59 PM

1 Day Sessions

Venue Center Stage Gallery

Phone 818 827 7138

Teen CTN Animation and Design Fall Classes

Animation and Design Master Academy 
Beginning Fall  2018, middle school, high school and home-schooled artists are invited to explore having a career in animation and design. 
Put your artist child or your creative self at the heart of the animation community with Teen CTN Fall Classes. These Fall Classes are held in an inspirational gallery/studio environment over the course of 6 weeks and was created for young artists ages 10 and up who are already showing an interest in or who might have a potential for a career in animation. In a conservatory setting and taught from an artist point of view. Designed specifically to give young creators the tools and connections they need through presentations, live demonstrations, hands-on experience while rotating around separate work areas combined with problem-solving exercises that are critical to building the creative thinking mind and powerful skill set needed to enter the world of animation.
Led by Tristan Marx a talented animator student will get an in-depth look into the animation industry like never before. They will  experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to join this community and to generate the work necessary to propel them in either their creative careers or college application portfolios. 
Having the ability to meet and learn from industry professionals in a privileged mentored approach is at the core of these classes. When these classes have completed the relationships made and the community joined will live on beyond the end date. An artist is an artist for the rest of their life and this community is always there to help.
About Us: Our goal is to design and implement sustainable and growing programs which have a distinctive and direct positive impact on student participation and learning in the fields of animation, comic books, video games, and filmmaking.  An emphasis on high quality and strong curricular relevance and meeting the right people in this industry are key criteria for all program investments.  Another key objective is that these programs are scalable to improve both the breadth of content and total student reach over time and live on beyond the program end date. CTN’s core competency in this field is their direct connection with the largest group of key influencers in the animation, visual efx and video game industries. 
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Past Instructors have included 
Great for Students who are just starting to learn and have an interest in animation. This will help students master the basics in drawing and animation and learn about different areas of animation plus how to decide what they want to do in the animation industry.
September 29 - Orientation and Mini-Lesson “ Portfolio Builder” - Meet the crew and our fall instructor, Tristan R. Marx. Tristan is a freelance storyboard artist and art educator. Learn the basics of building a portfolio, both academic and business.
10 am - 12 pm - CTN’s Center Stage Gallery 
Complimentary Session
October 6 - Let’s Animate - Learn the timeless 12 principles of animation. Get clear instruction for creating animated sequences with a critical understanding of why these methods work. Novices will learn how and where animation originated, while an advanced student will learn fundamental techniques 
10 am - 2 pm - CTN’s Center Stage Gallery 
Available in Full Tuition or Single Class
October 20 - Life Drawing On Location -  Learn the fundamental concepts for observation and fabrication. Build a critical knowledge of the basic building blocks used to draw anything. Hoan you skills in capturing your subject’s gesture, anatomy and likeness. 
10 am - 2 pm - Los Angeles Equestrian Center  
Available in Full Tuition or Single Class
November 3 - Intro to TV Paint -  Learn the most popular, European animation software taking over the states. Understand the program’s logic for empowering the traditional animator for the technology of tomorrow. See why TVPaint is the closest your computer will ever get to pencil and paper.
10 am - 2 pm -  CTN’s Center Stage Gallery 
Available in Full Tuition or Single Class
November 14 - Behind the Scenes Tour of CTNX and Meet Up  - See what much work and planning goes into running the largest animation expo in Burbank. Meet the top attending professional in the field. 
 5 pm - 7 pm - CTNX 2018 Burbank Marriott 
Special Perk for Alumni and Current Students 
Full Tuition $225
Single Classes $80  
Alumni Discount $5  
Class Fees includes
Saturday Sessions from 10am-2pm

Discounts on other CTN workshops and events 

Family Pass to the CTN animation eXpo Event for 3.

Membership with CTN community

Art Supplies 

Supporting Books for Each Class 

Pop In Pros - Subject to Pro Schedule 

Use of CTN Creator Space with Hardware and Software thru 2018 

State of the Art Studio Equipment 

Software Includes ZBrush, Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Not Included 
All classes will be held in the Animation
Capital of the world Burbank,CA
How To Apply
We ask that all students be reviewed prior to being accepted. We hope you understand and appreciate our efforts in creating a premiere educational experience that is both memorable and enjoyable for everyone as we reserve the right to refuse applications. 
Thank you to our partners Mac Hollywood, Wacom, Zbrush, Adobe
 **The Creative Talent Network is an exclusive top talent community  and we hope you understand and appreciate our efforts in creating an event experience that is both memorable and enjoyable for everyone as we reserve the right to refuse applications. (Those not accepted receive a 100% refund).