• Story Structure for Animation with Alex Mann

Start Date July 30, 2019 12:00 AM

End Date August 27, 2019 12:00 AM

5 Days

Venue CTN Studio

Burbank,CA,United States

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Phone 18182591598

Story Structure for Animation with Alex Mann

The workshop is targeted toward animation storytellers who want to go beyond visual components and unearth the techniques that filmmakers use to create emotionally charged stories. We will be taking an in-depth look at dramatic construction fundamentals - story structure, character development, moral dilemma, dramatic irony, sub-text and theme. We will analyze why conflicting story values create empathy in an audience. In addition, the workshop will help you develop your best story ideas by identifying the six essential questions every successful narrative must ask.  As we conclude the workshop, you will be able use these storytelling tools on your own stories, and take your understanding of story to the next level. 

Story Structure for Animation
01 What is a Story?
July 30th, 6 pm - 9 pm
Introductory overview. “What is a Story.” Intention and Obstacle. Genre. What differentiates a
story from a plot? Core Structure for short form. What is the difference between a story and a
situation? Turning abstract ideas into playable behavior. Temporal dimensions of film - Acts,
Sequences, Scene, Beats. Understanding story values. Lateral Thinking.
We will screen Pixar’s Piper and Disney’s Paperman. Followed by an analysis. These
foundational tools from the workshop will help the student to use in the development of their
own short animated projects.
02 Three- Act Structure. Character-in-action. Spine. Theme.
August 6th, 6 pm - 9 pm
All roads lead to Aristotle’s Poetics. Define story terms and create a thorough foundational
analysis of three-act structure and how it impacts character development, theme. How
structure creates a multilayered story. The six essential questions. Visceral storytelling: or how
to light up an audience’s brain. Step-Outlines, Beat Sheets and Loglines.
View: A opening clip from On the Waterfront. Opening from Up
03 Character Arcs, Backstory, Subtext.
August 13th, 6 pm - 9 pm
The inner story - discovering your protagonists “wound.” What is the story behind the story?
Understand the importance of creating a heartfelt backstory. Focus on the Mid-point.
Orchestrating a character arc throughout three acts - journey and transformation.
04 Scene Structure. Dramatic Irony
August 20th, 6 pm – 9 pm
Four essential kinds of conflict. Set-ups and Pay-offs. Turning points within a scene. Why Drama
is Anticipation mingled with Uncertainty. Conflict within a scene. Every scene needs a question.
Willing Suspension of Disbelief.
Dramatic Irony : Viewing a clip from Mulan.
05 Third Acts and Powerful Endings.
August 27th, 6 pm – 9 pm
Further analysis of the Obligatory scene, How Crisis Impacts Exterior, Interior Stakes and
Theme. Apparent Defeat, The Decisive Moment, Climax, Resolution - Denouement. The Moral
Order in a story.
Wrap- up and concluding observations about stories.
Screening the Third Act from On the Waterfront. Screening Act Three from UP.
847 N Hollywood Way, Suite 100
Burbank, CA 91505
Born and raised in Southern California, ALEX MANN is the son of actress Mary Kathleen Williams-Mann and award-winning Hollywood film director Daniel Mann. He attended the Windward School in Santa Monica, CA. Upon graduating high school, Alex was a summer intern at The Walt Disney Studios where he worked with many brilliant Disney veterans during the production of The Rescuers. 
Alex attended film school at California Institute of the Arts after being awarded a Disney Fellowship. He studied character animation and screenwriting under the tutelage of animation director Jack Hannah, and legendary British filmmaker Alexander “Sandy” Mackendrick. After receiving his BFA from Cal-Arts, he worked in story development for producer Robert Joseph at Universal Studios. Later, Alex was recruited by Hyperion Pictures to work on the award-winning animated feature The Brave Little Toaster. 
The Walt Disney Studios hired Alex to co-write and co-direct, the Annie nominated, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas. In addition, he worked on early story development for Disney’s Frozen. Alex was instrumental in creating the final script for Mickey’s Philharmagic, a co-production between Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering. The project features 3D animation from many of Disney’s classic animated movies, notably: Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin and Peter Pan. The attraction is a resounding success with audiences at Disney Park’s around the world. 
Over the years, Alex has had the pleasure of working as a writer, director and story artist for Sony Pictures Animation, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios, and Nickelodeon on many popular animated movies and television shows - highlights include: The Goofy Movie, Oliver and Co., Space Jam, Lilo and Stitch 2, Treasure Planet, Curious George, Tinker Bell, and Planes. Currently Alex is teaching dramatic construction and film grammar to character animation students in the Entertainment Design School at Art Center College of Design. In addition to his membership in The Animation Guild, Alex is a member of The Writers Guild of America.