• Gesture Drawing the Disney Way  Legendary Animator Randy Haycock ONLINE

Start Date August 17, 2020 12:00 PM

End Date September 14, 2020 02:00 PM

5 Weeks, Mondays


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Gesture Drawing the Disney Way
Legendary Animator Randy Haycock

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A 5 Week Series, Every Monday
Gesture Drawing The Disney Way
Legendary Supervising Animator
Randy Haycock
DEMO + Gesture Drawing + The Illusion of Life
Live Model + Draw Over Critiques
August 17 - September 14, 2020
Every Monday for all Time Zones
12 pm - 2 pm  (PDT)
3 pm - 5 pm  (EST)
9 pm - 11 pm (LONDON)
We are not striving for drawings that say, "look at me, aren't  I an attractive drawing", but instead will say, "I have life, I have feeling and I have a purpose", and the drawing will reveal that purpose and tell that story. So all you storytellers and animation artists out there, if you are the kind that needs a little first hand analysis to help take you to the next level perhaps this is the class for you to learn and get comfortable with visualizing the illusion of life through drawing.
Class includes lectures, drawing from a live model and draw over critiques.
Join legendary feature film Disney Animator Randy Haycock with live models weekly for an opportunity to learn GESTURE DRAWING in the Disney style.
RANDY HAYCOCK is currently a Supervising Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios.  Haycock began at the studio in 1991, assisting Glen Keane on Aladdin. He is from Colorado, and went to BYU in Utah. Haycock is great at animating the human figure.  Some of his human character animation is among the liveliest the studio has ever done. He first started supervising on Hercules, where he animated the younger scenes of the title character. This would be followed by Clayton in Tarzan, Princess Kida in Atlantis, many characters in Meet the Robinsons, Prince Naveen in the Princess and the Frog, and most recently Eeyore in the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie. Haycock is a master of animating sincere characters, and animation acting in the Disney style. He is currently still animating at Walt Disney Animation Studios.
August 17, 12 pm - 2 pm PDT
Model is Jonnathon Cripple, as a Black Leather Gunslinger.
August 24, 12 pm - 2 pm PDT
Model is Julie Wions, as a House Wife.
August 31, 12 pm - 2 pm PDT
Model is Jessica Lauren Taylor, as a Ballerina in a Full Tutu.
September 7, 12 pm - 2 pm PDT
Model is John Mackey, as a Butler.
September 14, 12 pm - 2 pm PDT
Model is Daniella Traub / 1970's Mod 


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